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We offer more than a gym membership in Missoula, MT

At Mismo Gymnastics, our gym membership provides access to excellent gymnastics, cheer, and dance - and more. A membership with our Missoula, MT gym is a membership with our close-knit, supportive and encouraging community.

Whether your child uses their gym membership to participate in the training and events of a gymnastics team, a summer camp or private lessons, they'll enjoy:

  • Playing while building confidence
  • Making friends with similar interests
  • Learning from experienced teachers

Ready to let your child join the fun? Call 406-728-0908 now to ask about our membership program. It costs $60 annually for the whole family.

What does membership include?

What does membership include?

Membership includes the opportunity to leap into a variety of classes, like gymnastics, Ninja, cheer and dance. Girls participating in gymnastics can also join our competitive entry-level or upper-level gymnastics teams. Additionally, our gym membership also includes sibling discounts, access to the online portal and automatic renewal. Call or email a friendly staff member to learn more about the options available for your child.