Enrollment & Billing

When can you enroll for classes?

Enrollment is ongoing for Gizmo, Flipo, and Ninja classes. You may enroll at any time using your online parent portal account or call 406-728-0908

How does billing work for classes?

Once enrolled, your child will AUTOMATICALLY be enrolled in the next session(s) until you set a class drop date in the customer portal or notify the front office staff of your desire to drop your child from class. The duration of each session is 4 weeks long, not per month. We process tuition on the 22nd of the month prior to the upcoming session.

How do I see current class schedules and availability?

You can access this information in your Customer Portal (button at the top of the page). If you do not have a Customer Portal, you may create one here on our website by clicking on the Customer Portal button. Once you are in the portal you may search for classes, camps, specialty clinics or enroll in Family Funtime.

Competitive Gymnastics

How do we become a Mismo team member?

Every spring, Mismo sets a date for team skill evaluations? All enrolled Flipo 2 and Flipo 3 athletes are invited to participate in the skill evaluations. The team coaching staff runs these evaluations at a scheduled day and time. An email will be sent to the families who are eligible for the skill evaluation. The team staff will then evaluate your athlete and recommend where your athlete should be placed for the next season.

Team selections and contracts are distributed in July/August with a contract submission deadline. Joining the team after the deadline for the season will require an additional fee to join the team. See contracts for specific details.

How long does the team practice throughout the year?

Being a member of the team is an annual commitment. If your athlete is on the Mismo Gymnastics Team, be prepared for them to attend practice all year long and travel during the competition season (typically December through March or April depending upon competition level). Being a part of the Mismo team requires your athlete to practice no less than 6 hours a week. Your athlete must compete to be a part of the Mismo Gymnastics Team Program.

What costs and fees are factored into being on the Gymnastics Competitive Team?

Mismo team members will be billed for tuition as well as competition fees for each season. Tuition is billed per session and is based on how many hours the athlete trains per week. The duration of each session is 4 weeks long, not per month.

Competition fees are mandatory costs for team members in addition to tuition. These fees cover the competition event registration fees and coaching staff fees for each competition. Competition fees are divided into 5 monthly installments beginning in August each year.

Additional items such as national membership, practice gear, competition gear, warm-ups, choreography, music, team & individual photographs, banquet etc. may be billed extra.

Do my competition fees cover my travel?

No. Travel, food and lodging expenses for your family including your team athlete is your own responsibility. These personal expenses are not paid through Mismo. Competition fees cover the competition event registration fee for your athlete as well as coaching staff fees for each competition.

Are there Fundraising opportunities?

Yes, the GBC is a separate fundraising organization used by all three of Mismo's competitive teams (Cheer, Dance and Gymnastics) to raise funds to help pay for competition fees, gear, tuition, etc. each season and is led by a board of volunteer team parents. Participation in fundraising events is optional for team families and is not required. GBC board member contact information can be obtained from the Mismo front office team. The GBC board retains all details concerning upcoming fundraisers.

Which meets are required?

The number of required meets will vary based on the level of your athlete. Each season a competition packet will be created for each level with details of each meet location and date.

Can parents attend?

Yes, typically each athlete can bring 2 spectators (often more than 2 are allowed) to each event. Each event host sets their own spectator admission rates and limitation policies.

If a meet is canceled can we select another meet and date at that time?

Adding additional meets to a season schedule is at the discretion of the team director. Details will be provided in a timely manner to all team families when a cancelation or an addition of a competition event occurs mid season.