Cancelled Competitions

If a meet is cancelled can we select another meet and date at that time?

That is going to totally depend on whether or not the future meet has room for another entry. Late entries will be trickier this year with meet directors having to reduce the number of athletes in a session. This could cause sessions and meets to fill up and close. But, if there is room and we were given our athletes entry fee back from a cancelled meet, we are happy to transfer that to another meet.

If an athlete has to withdraw from a meet due to COVID or being exposed to COVID will the athlete who has to withdraw receive a refund for the meet?

This will depend on the meet director. Many but not all meet directors will refund money to a sick or injured athlete but it is not required or guaranteed. This year could be different. I honestly don't know how meet directors will navigate this new territory. Typically once an athlete is registered and the meet director has spent the money on venues, judges, awards, etc...they do NOT do refunds. However, if an entire meet is cancelled I am imagining we will at least see a partial if not a full refund. Like Spring of 2020, we had a partial refund from Bozeman and a full refund from the state.

Meet Selection

Do we have to sign up for all meets now?

Yes. Meets will fill up quickly as there are smaller sessions and less meet options for folks so we need to get in ASAP!

Which meets are required?

For sure we want them to go to State Cup and state meet :-) everything else we will just need three kids at each level to select that meet for them to go. Basically, we need three at any given level entered to create a team and make it worth the expense of the session. It also has to read "all team" or the level your child is competing specifically For example: if it says "XL or level five through 10" then you cannot go if you aren't XL or Level 5-10 ;-)

Can Parents Attend?

Most of the meets so far seem to be allowing 2 spectators per athlete...but we shall see.