Student Name________________________________

I want to do my part to help Mismo keep my child(ren), class/teammates, the coaches/instructors/staff, other families and everyone else at the building as safe as possible during the Covid-19 pandemic. I have read, understood and agree to follow the policies and procedures herein.
I understand and agree that:

  • I will drop my child off and pick my child up at the office front door to the building.
  • My child’s temperature will be taken upon arrival. If a fever over 99.6 degrees is present, my child must return home. All Adults, Instructors, and staff will also have temps taken.
  • It is encouraged that parents wait in the car for their children, but we understand if that isn’t comfortable. All people entering the building will follow same rules.
  • Only one parent or non-participating individual will be allowed to enter the building at the main entrance.
  • I am required to wear a mask when entering Mismo facility. We have masks if one is needed.
  • I am aware that any child under age 5 is required by law to wear a mask during times that social distancing is impossible. So please keep masks on when entering and exiting the building.
  • No seating is available for observation; I will have to watch standing and allow for social distancing or I can log into the parent portal and view class from my car or home.
  • There will be very limited hands-on spotting during practice/class at Mismo, but it is sometimes needed. Coaches/instructors are AWLAYS in masks, hand sanitizing frequently and maintaining excellent health.
  • I will support the social distancing standard of 6’ while in the building.
  • Practice start and end times will be staggered to the best of our ability to help ensure time for the gymnasts to get in and out of the gym safely, to provide time to wipe down the equipment between each practice and for teachers to thoroughly wash their hands.
  • Mismo is operating at 50% of our capacity. The gym space allows for reasonable social distancing.
  • My child will have regular opportunities to use the hand sanitizing stations available in all areas of the facility.
  • My child will use the restroom and wash her hands thoroughly before leaving home and while at the gym as needed.
  • My student will bring ONLY the needed items for training. Please leave school backpacks and extra items in the car.
  • Team athletes have individual bags of chalk and instructional classes will not use chalk.
  • There is NO drinking fountain, but we do have a bottle refilling machine for your child’s use.
  • I will have my child wash hands and feet thoroughly upon arriving back home and her bag will be cleaned upon arriving home and again before she brings it back into the gym.
  • I agree to keep my gymnast home if he/she or anyone in my family is coughing, has a temperature over 99.6, or other Covid-19 symptoms.
  • I understand and agree that these procedures will change and evolve over time and that I will follow any new standards required by the State of Montana/Mismo.
  • Mismo will not offer MAKE-UP classes or practices at this time. Classes are full and we do not want classes blending.
  • Mismo’s enrollment is like a fitness club, use it or lose it. However, if you or a family member runs into serious health issues that may cause extended absence please communicate with our office and we will work to ease the financial burden of missed classes.

I understand that the coaches and everyone at the gym will make a strong effort to maintain social distancing but that there will be times when incidental contact and less than prescribed physical distancing will occur. I am aware and agree that spotting is an essential part of training my gymnast in order to keep her safe and to prevent injury. I will allow my child to be spotted when spotting is necessary. I further understand that I am voluntarily allowing my child to participate in programs and activities offered by Mismo Gymnastics, Inc., knowing that it is impossible to keep her, myself or anyone else who enters the gym completely safe from exposure to the Covid-19 virus. I accept that risk.

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