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In this time of separation, we at Mismo feel it is time to COME TOGETHER. If your daughter or son is 6 years OR older and has expressed interest in being a part of our cheer team OR is CURRENTLY A MEMBER OF OUR TEAM.... NOW IS THE TIME to register for our Tryout Prep. Yes, current team members need to register! STARTING TODAY - Go online and register for "Summit Cheer Tryout Prep"

Summit Cheer Tryout Prep- CLICK HERE!

NO CHARGE for sign up! - If your family decides to sign-up today more information and pricing ranges will be emailed to you upon sign up to complete tryout registration. Signing up DOES NOT obligate you to finish the tryout process, it just lets us know that you would like more information. Final charges will only be applied once the tryout process is complete and all materials are submitted by May 29. We will make sure that you approve the charges first. Team pricing varies greatly depending on program, level, and ability to pay. Members and Non-Members welcome. Registration begins NOW and closes Monday, May 18th, 2020. This year's team tryout will be completely online.

Summit Cheer Tryout Prep- CLICK HERE!

EVERYONE MAKES A TEAM! These tryout placements are a great way to get to know the program, other athletes, coaches, and just what Summit Cheer is! We will have official team tryouts later this summer!

Registration link CLOSES Monday, May 18
A second email with more information will be sent out to you once you have registered. Again, registering does not obligate you to tryout, it lets us know you want more information!
This second email will contain a link to a Google Form that will COMPLETE your tryout registration. You will upload a YouTube video, complete the questionnaire, and we will do the rest. PLEASE make sure to take a look at the Google Form as it contains important and pertinent information regarding the summer and next season!
Tryout materials will be emailed out by Wednesday, May 20
Tryout materials are DUE Friday, May 29
Summit Cheer Tryout Prep- CLICK HERE!