At Mismo we believe that all atristic mediums and diciplines strengthen each other. No more so than music and dance. Mismo teaches music in a unique way by combining principles of movement and acting into our music curriculum. Our instructors introduce children to basic acting and performance techniques, building confidence and skill for being on stage. Through theatre, dance, and music, we educate the members and the community in the arts, respect, honor, integrity, tolerance, and more.

As a Mismo Member, you'll earn discounts and access to many fun dance classes for your children. Class costs range from $50 to $68 for a variety of mixed arts, music, and acting.

Contact us today to find out more about acting and music lessons available in Missoula, MT.

Letter from the owner

"Thank you for choosing Mismo! Our desire and goal is to offer the very best instruction of all performance arts, while instilling the appreciation, discipline, and knowledge required to excel in the chosen field. Our staff is carefully selected for their professionalism, intelligence, caring, positive attitudes, and attention to detail. It is also our goal for every student to gain the confidence, technical ability, and performance opportunities necessary to achieve the next level. We also strive to provide our performers who desire a professional career with the technical foundation and inspiration to pursue their dream. We take pride in offering the absolute best right here in Missoula, Montana. Professional training, atmosphere, attitudes, careers and results! Welcome to the Mismo Family!"