WHO - Anyone in the Missoula Community who wants to support your home grown Mismo Gymnastics in celebrating our MOVE!

WHAT - Mismo Moving Parade - Drive By the NEW BUILDINGWHEN - Sunday May 17th 6:30pm - 7:15pm

WHERE - Meet at Southgate Mall at 6:30 by the Bob Wards Roundabout Near the New Exit of the Mall Parking Lot at 6:30. At 7:00pm we will leave the parking lot and PARADE/ caravan for a drive by our new building! 

WEAR - Wear anything red and black to celebrate! Dress your car with Red and Black balloons and streamers - get in the spirit.

RULES - when you arrive at the Mall - YOU MUST STAY IN YOUR CAR. Please respect Social Distancing with a large group! We DO NOT want anyone getting sick or in trouble with the community ;-)

If you have 45 minutes on a Sunday Evening to come safely celebrate with Mismo - I would be honored! Please come drive by, I want to see your face and send you my love and appreciation from a distance ;-) 

Please Come Celebrate - It would mean the world to me,

Kelley Durbin-Williams




Kids Flip for Mismo Gymnastics

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Founded in 2001, Mismo has been teaching kids flexibility inside and outside the gym for years. We believe that teaching & learning flourish amidst a loving community motivated by enthusiasm.

We help children identify and excel at their strengths, while working through their weakness with discipline and enthusiasm. We sincerely intend to enrich the lives we touch to the greatest of our human ability. We offer Gymnastics, cheer, Ninja, and Dance for pre school, school age & private lessons.

To learn more about classes in Missoula, MT, call 406-728-0908 now.

Mismo has something for kids of all ages

Mismo has a wide array of programs, activities and special events, so there's something for every age and personality type. We use all kinds of fun activities and sports to bring out your best!! If your child thrives on competition, we have competitive teams. If you're looking for other fun activities like Day camps, birthdays and family fun time, check us out.

We're proud to offer:

Competitive teams

At Mismo , we promote an enthusiastic teaching environment where all kids can reach their potential. Sign your child up for gymnastic classes in Missoula, MT now!

The staff at Mismo believes in using the sport, art, movement to develop self-esteem, perseverance, team building, and self-discipline. By working every day towards a physical goal, our kids develop life skills such as perseverance and attention to detail. We would love to have your child join us.

Visit the Mismo or take your child to a class today. You can find out more about our gymnastics, ninja, dance, and cheer in Missoula, MT by calling 406-728-0908 now.

Learn skills that will last a lifetime